Artful Grief

Artful Grief

  • A creative roadmap through violent dying and grief.
  • A dose of “soul medicine” for survivors.
  • A way to retrieve the pieces of a shattered  life, with paper, scissors and glue.
  • A resourceful tool for those suffering with complicated grief and/or PTSD.
  • A place for the unspeakable to be seen and heard.
  • A process to quiet the mind and open the heart.
  • A visual experience of trauma images as illustrations of hope.
  • A sample of prophetic dreams and meditations that are illuminating.
  • A heartfelt sharing of  “intimate secrets” for understanding and compassion.
  • A surprising “grief gift” that is inspiring

Sharon Strouse

Artful Grief is a decade long study of loss by an art therapist, in the aftermath of her daughter’s suicide.  On October 11, 2001, Sharon received a phone call in the middle of the night from the New York City Police Department telling her that her seventeen year old daughter Kristin, had fallen from the roof of her college dormitory.  So began her journey into the labyrinth of unspeakable grief.  As the first year drew to a close she found no comfort in traditional therapy, and no solace in spoken or written words.  In surrender to her inner art therapist’s guidance, she began to create collages.  She cut and tore images out of magazines and glued them on various size paper.  The paper was a safe and sacred container, receptive to the fullness of emotion, story and paradox.  Over time there was transformation and healing.


Artful Grief has grown beyond these words that grace the back cover of my book.  Artful Grief has become the foundation of healing opportunities in circles, workshops, retreats and trainings throughout the country and on line, within the comfort of your home.



To provided safe and sacred spaces for creative experiences that are healing.


"Don't turn away!  Keep you gaze on the bandaged place.  That is where the light enters you.”